Old School
Darshan '95 to '02 on
Flying Rhino/Dragonfly/Fire

Darshan - 'Spectra' album - 1997'Awakening' - 1997 album

Grant Collins
4D, Excession, Skein on
4DigitalAudio records

Darshan, a dark goa trance duo, was started in 1995 by Grant Collins and Mark Robinson, progressing into a solo project for Grant in 1998. Releasing two well-loved psychedelic albums "Awakening", in '97 and "Spectra" in '98, plus many mind-altering singles, the music was taken around the world. Exploring differing genres of music from 2002, no further material has been released under 'Darshan' since, though Grant can sometimes be seen playing a Darshan retro set.

This site is for recapturing 'those times' - with released and previously-unreleased tracks, places on the web to find more, and later work under different aliases: in techno, progressive and breaks.

Grant Collins is now releasing as: "Excession" a 4x4 techno and progressive house / trance solo project; as"4D" with James Monro, a prolific act delving deeper into the realms of underground and minimal techno, (and they setup the storming techno and progressive label: 4DigitalAudio). He is also releasing as "Skein" : house and breaks (from cinematic to drum n bass).

Flying Rhino Digital is currently being relaunched, picking up where it left off, and pushing new boundaries with driving basslines, tripped out rhythms and cutting edge production techniques. Artists including: James Monro, Darshan, 4D, Neurodriver, Re:Creation, Technossomy, Dickster, Bumbling Loons...

'Awaken' - on the Awakening Album   Tranceformations   Black Magic  Mind Merge  Kyma  Energy Trance  Darshan - 'Beast'   Windchime

AJNA   Duck   Speed Freak - G. Collins, M. Robinson  Spectra - G Collins  Phased Transition - G Collins  Nexus Plexus - G Collins  E.C.G.   A great Darshan over Star Wars found on Youtube!